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What You Need To Know About Screen Printing Denver

By Christine Green

Basically, putting letters, images and logo designs on a fabric can be very hard, especially when using ink. You can end up messing your cloth, and that is why Screen Printing Denver is the solution to your problem for the best logo designs and images on your fabric.

Screen printing is a printing technique where ink is directly applied to the substrate. The printed image is photographically transferred to a screen but the nonprinting area is blocked off. The ink is pushed through a stencil to put a particular design on the printing material. Usually, serigraphy technique requires a screen, squeegee, and ink.

Initially serigraphy was employed for decorative purposes on walls and garments but later became famous and advertisers embraced the process. This process has been improved over the years and better machines made it possible to deliver better services especially if the work is bulk.

Currently, screens are applied to print in the case whereby mesh stencils operate as screens. So that each color is printed, inks are pushed via a stencil, one a color at time onto the fabric. In order to cure the ink, large driers are passed over each cloth. The customer brings the design but ultimately, the producers have professional artists who can combine the images onto a paper if necessary. To produce quality work, your artwork ought to be of high quality as well. The artwork needs to be of vector format and be sized to match the print size.

Unlike traditional methods serigraphy allows you to have any form of artwork on your fabrics. To deliver great work the manual and automatic approaches are employed. The major people doing serigraphy today are artists, designers and manufacturers. A variety of materials can be printed with different inks and this has been beneficial to individuals in film technology, sign board and display, printed electronic and product labeling among others.

Practically, it is conducted either manually or using automated machines. When manually carried out, it is done by hand and involves two people whereby one holds the screen and the other utilizes a squeegee. On the other hand, the automated procedure is more rapid because bigger screens encourage more drawings. Additionally, the rotary screens permit continual production and a more productive drying system. Whichever technique you apply, the final product is constantly similar. Some customers may prefer the manual way because this is done with more care and has a better finish.

Usually, serigraphy prints manufacture radiant colors that are difficult to copy using other printing techniques. More ink is also used hence they are thicker compared to ones produced by other methods. Consequently, they have a great finish. Again, it is the most versatile printing technique. Additionally, serigraph prints can be placed on any surface only if it is flat.

The prints are durable regardless of the techniques applied. The method does not affect the final image. The method is cost effective and it allows a client to have bulk prints. It is also more affordable in Denver Co.

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