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Is Video Surveillance Orlando, Florida Going Too Far

By Raymond Murray

Our world keeps moving faster, and with this advancement we find ourselves losing precious privacy in our daily lives. Most of us accept this trade-off, but there are true reasons for everyone to be concerned. We must ask just how far has the Sunshine State gone with their video surveillance Orlando, Florida.

Not all the boundaries are well defined. A perfect example of this blurring occurs when people purchase a home security system complete with cameras in every primary room. The harsh reality of such a system is that sometimes the sort of people who could be hired by security companies might not be the sort we want to have access to our in-home camera systems.

Retail workers have long accepted the presence of cameras at work, and this seems normal to us now. However, for those of us working in office environments, we might not be so aware of the presence of cameras watching us while we work. The law does support this type of employee supervision, and employers who use it try to be low-key.

We are all pretty accustomed to being recorded whenever we are a customer, but what about the watchful eyes outside the retail establishment doors. Large parking lots are often under CCT cameras, and most everyone is quite all right with this, but we might not realize that even busy city sidewalks are being watched in this way.

This city in the Sunshine State has a dark secret, in fact. Because of the number of recreational parks and sites of interest, a person can expect to be on-camera pretty much anywhere they go outside of their homes or hotel rooms. In fact, the inside of the hotel room, or rest rooms and changing areas are about the only locations that are still off limits.

It is a nasty oversight for anyone to assume that they cannot, or are not being watched through open windows. When a neighbor has a security system, for example, they are not supposed to point this toward their neighbors. However, there are always going to be people who break those basic social codes.

As privacy fades, it is up to us to keep this tendency from pushing too far forward. We all have a right to know what the rules of engagement are, and certainly we need to take responsibility for our personal awareness of the matter. It is for us insist on knowing when, where, and why we are watched to keep this invasion limited, and also to ensure it functions as the crime deterrent it was supposedly intended to be.

In the instance of this central Floridian community, there are very good reasons for some camera overkill. This city boasts family friendly destinations, and this presence of watchful eyes helps to keep these vacationing children more safe. Any destination that attracts children also attracts the monsters who would hunt them, and residents there have largely accepted being viewed in most every part of town.

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