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Flow Of Events For The Spellbinders Comic

By Larry Harris

As a young comic fan of early two thousand and five, the spellbinder may not be news but for the recent generation, it could be. As a way of encouraging the reading habit Marvel Next published spellbinders that was enticing for all those who came across it. With the setting around magic not one but six publications came to be. The writer and graphic designer being Mike Carey and Mike Perkins respectively.

This narrative focused on a girl whose family moved from Chicago to Salem. She is the main character and given them Kim Vesco. Soon after her arrival she met a neighbor Chad Barrow. Being friendly enough he talked to her encouraging her that her new school John Hawthorne, a fictional one, would be okay if she would not be too boring or was into magic.

To her surprise an air elemental challenged her but luckily enough Mink and Liza Beth saved her. An enchanted wall also faced her. This was not the ideal first day for her. She came to the knowledge that she could speak to phantoms and evoked a crowd of them. They gave her instructions to unite the witches and warned about the pillar of smoke.

At school during a practical, burners exploded and the place caught fire. She managed to free herself. Chad invited her to the school party. Meanwhile he became aware she was in a foster home. The witches knew that she was in their category although she was not aware. They chose to keep he safe throughout the eventful period.

Later that night, she was attacked by an evil monster. Renata confronted the attacker who saved himself by becoming a bird and flew away as the others came into view. They realized that their protection was not against physical attacks. Renata had the capacity to change into different things.

They gathered around her and explained to details about their group origin and she fathomed that the occult being was a threat to them and the artifact was a resource. Although rejecting at the very beginning she obliged to appear before the pillar. They went to it deep into the forest but they protected the path they trended on by erecting snares. This did not deter Chad though, who was following them.

He confessed to be the new thief. He overpowered them and when they came to, they were in a different place and being powerless. Kim was confronted by a ghost directing her to apologize to the artifact. Magic from it carried her to a bright place with corpses safe guarded by human shells capable of flying. They told her she was the guardian of the transitioning pathway between life and death.

Meanwhile, the others escaped the original thief back. Back in Salem they found other witches defenseless and Chad was bringing back to life his dead girlfriend. They stopped him and he died. Leaving school, Kim was assured that everything was bound to work well.

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