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Why You Need Custom Slit Tape

By Sandra Evans

Slitting a tape to a preferred size and dimension is important in everyday activity. Many people prefer using machinery when making Custom Slit Tape. This is due to its sheer precision and accuracy. This is due to its sheer precision and accuracy that comes with it. The process functions by slitting the wider rolls into thinner ones. This can be done traditionally or by using a machine. The use of traditional means may result to poor work.

The traditional method most of the time is by use of a sharp object. Its mainly the razor. This is due to its compatibility when performing the action. The razor is also famed to its ability to be precise. This is however limited to the small tapes only. The large tapes and rolls usually require the use of a machinery.

The rest of the materials which are bulky are left for the machines. The ideal product being sought out by user is to be strong to perform its functions. The threads which are the main raw material in making a product should be highly considered. The properties are either polyester or fiber glass. The gauze used is a scrim. Its main attributes is its ability to be thin yet strong. The goods are then laminated to a polythene of a low density. The color is then picked up from the pigment of the fabric.

The slitting machines can be used to cut that product. The facilities are widely used in many factories. They have been specially programmed to perform high quality functions this is by having specialized controls. The ease of control enables high quality work be produced. The important thing is usually to meet the customer needs. The tapes are normally produced in bulk and then into small pieces.

Different means are used when cutting the tapes. The lathe is common technique. Its the best method according to many manufacturers. They function by rotating around the blade. There is a specific pressure that is required for it to function properly. The required width is then achieved easily. Mandrel is common tool that is used.

This is which that harbors the blades. When tapes get passed through it at a high speed it is able to cut in easily. Its usually called slits to width services by companies. Its appropriate to customers who were seeking to have a custom width tapes for their use.

There is also the rewind slitting. This usually utilize the use of score razor or the shear. This functions to a material at a tight tolerance and also have a varying length of the finished tapes. They have the fame of having to be used for certain materials. The methods used totally depends on the type of material being slit.

The razor cut method employs razor blades. The goods are placed at stationary intervals along the machine. They are then are able to make clean cuts. They are best recommended to be uses on thinner materials of constant thickness. The score slitting is entirely different. This utilizes circular knives. This however more appropriate to those that do not have constant thickness. The sheer slitting employs usage of rotary knives. They are thus appropriate for heavier gauge materials.

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