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West Coast Women Passing Time As An LA Mom Entertainment Blogger

By Marie Butler

Wiling away dreary hours can be a tiresome business for at-home Moms on the West Coast. Social networking consists of endless meme shares and photobombing courtesy of idle supermodels who, despite their manicured appearance, require a constant barrage of compliments from strangers in places they cannot pronounce. Luckily one of these bored women found a better hobby on her LA Mom Entertainment Blogger.

Establishing a basic account on blog websites is not difficult. The commitment of time to fill out information regarding her skills, interests, education, and experiences did not cut very far into her regular daily obligations. While doing laundry and entertaining the children, she brainstormed what would become her strongest topic, The Entertainer NewsFly.

With this basic preparation in place, she began to investigate the current stories coming from paparazzi websites. They had posted some information about a low-level celebrity wrecking her bicycle on a side-street that was near her. Like a bolt she hurried to her car so she could get some photographs of the scene to include with her first narrative.

The site that was chosen in this case has a system which approves new blogs, then submits them to other related websites for publication. She will get paid for her blogs once they have been approved, and the payment will be based on both the length of her blog as well as the number of readers who receive it. Her unpaid balances will sit in her personal account on the blog site until Thursday afternoons when a PayPal transfer will take place.

Most of these blogging sites put very little pressure on their writers to honor minimum requirements. Their blogging frequency as well as the average length of her work will be determined entirely by her own level of self-discipline. As a general rule, bloggers make very little money for their work, but like all matters related to social media, everything can be determined by how popular her page becomes.

Many working Californians require a second income, and these writing gigs can work out very well for the right candidates. The women of California are renowned for their enthusiasm to spread gossip, and tinsel town should be able to keep them busy reporting on all the juicy talk. To make matters worse, now these ladies are going to get paid for the hours they spend talking smack.

While the amount a writer can earn will vary greatly depending on their blog and the topic or topics that they focus on, be warned that the income generated for these writers is almost always extremely low. There are no millionaires being made in the world of blogging circuits. Still, any money today will always be better than the no money these women made yesterday.

All writers are urged to regularly and fully read and comprehend the Terms of Service prior to submitting their first blog. There is a great variety of rules regarding the release of adult-style content, and these regulations can vary from city to city or state to state. To avoid consequences such as the removal of their ISP from the system, they are all strongly warned to be clear on these boundaries.

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