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The Business Of Dog Walking Edgewater

By Sandra Collins

Dog walking can be a huge stress reliever and bring enormous relaxation when dog and owner are at one. However some people fear dog walking as it can be a drag from start to end, if your dog pulls and is trying to run away. This is why it's vitally important to train your dog and ensure that your dog walking Edgewater is enjoyable.

Having a great name for your dog walking business is not going to make or break you, but it will help a lot. Your company's name is its most important element of advertising. If you can think of a name that is but clever and obvious, concise and illustrative, you will be on your way to getting good clients and having a business that meets your needs and goals.

Anyone hearing your business name should immediately understand what you do. Never make people guess with a cryptic name or an old usage only an English Professor would get. Keep it simple so people can move on to wondering if you are good and if they can afford your services.

This way you have complete control of how far away from you he is and he won't be able to stray too far ahead or lag behind. If he tries to wander or pull hold him firmly and when he does start to heel give the lead some slack so he knows he's doing it correctly.

If you have a big canine which needs a lot of canine strolling then cycling can be great as you can cover greater distances faster. There are a number of different contraptions you can buy to stop your canine running into the wheels. This is a case of starting off slow and practicing until your canine is used to running next to your bike, then you can increase the speed and distances and really get a good workout!

It is good to have an eye-catching name, but do not go overboard with it to a point it sends the wrong meaning. You expect people to smile on hearing the business name, not the reverse. Consult your friends on their thoughts on the name. Do the same on people who would be your target market.

Remember to use your voice when you are canine strolling, this is one of your most important tools. Your canine knows your voice and will know when you're happy or angry with him. Continue to praise him when he is doing well and use a harsh tone when he misbehaves on the walk. Voice commands work much better when canine strolling than simply yanking at the lead, as he won't know what that means.

Buy and keep an appointment book. Record all your business dealing daily and do not forget to indicate the time so that you are always in time for these appointments. It will be a welcome idea when you begin getting pre occupied and it comes handy at tax time.

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