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Some Uses Of Asian Ceramics

By Joyce Cooper

Ceramics are made from a mixture of metallic and nonmetallic elements of naturally occurring earth or clay. The resulting product is a non organic material which is then known as the ceramic. The material is found in just about anywhere in the part of the world. In the article below, you will identify some of the innovative and unique ways of using Asian Ceramics

The first most common use of ceramic materials is the ceramic mugs that are used in marketing. The mugs often have the logo of a company or product printed onto it then they are handed out as a marketing strategy. However, the ceramic mugs can also be decorated for personal use rather than just a marketing strategy.

Many would not believe that the ceramic material is also used in making some parts of the vehicle. An example of some car parts made using ceramic material include the ball bearings and brake pads. The ceramic is very suitable for these parts because first it reduces the amount of friction thus avoids heating up and allows the car to speed up, it is light and it is very durable even in high temperatures.

Many people have obviously noticed the common use of ceramic in tiles. Ceramic is designed into various designs shapes and colors to make it unique and appeasing. The owner just need to select their bets tile depending on their preference. Later on, they will just need to hire an expert to fit the tiles onto the floor.

The ceramic material also allows electric currents to flow through it. This is mainly allowed by the piezo ceramic element. The material is thus a conductor of electricity. Some common areas that the wires can be used in conducting electricity include microwave ovens, cellphones, computers and other common appliances we use at home.

The ceramic material is also used in the aviation world. The material is used in building the air crafts and space shuttles. This is because the material is a lightweight fire protector. Additionally, it also has thermal insulation properties which help ensure that the shuttles are not at a risk of blowing up engines if they heat up too much.

One can also not forget that the ceramic material is also used to make sports equipment. The material is light and durable. This thus makes it the right material to use when playing games with. Some common games that require ceramic products include golf clubs and race cars. The material is able to withstand a lot of pressure form the owner example frustrated golfers.

the ceramic material has also been introduced into the medical sector. They are being used on cancer patients during their treatment. They help in reducing the tumor and reducing the level of damage by the chemotherapy. With the above, one can not fail to identify why the ceramic materials is still the best and commonly used product in the market today.

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