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Marketing Magic Can Happen With Products From Spellbinders

By Janet Barnes

Imagine the endless options available to a business owner who can generate their own company stationary, marketing fliers that pop, or even business cards that can be personalized to their intended recipients. Start with their Platinum 6 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine. Then proceed to borders, cards, die, stamps, and any other base materials required and have them shipped right to your door from Spellbinders.

The newest attraction is the magnetic die pick-up tool. This large, diamond-shaped tool helps the artist or designer keep track of dies, nails, push-pins, or any other metal items that can easily roll off the working surface to be stepped on by unsuspecting coworkers or family members. It is a fun shape for children to handle, and the artist can set them loose to find any and all lost or sharp metal objects in the area.

Front windows facing public roads or mall areas serve as a dynamic location for marketing their presence. All the employees will love getting together to design, die, cut, and mount their festive collaboration. With the right tools, an elaborately detailed and impressionistic portrait of a cherished day can become the beacon that brings all the Holiday shoppers to their door.

Scrapbooks are the primary business they do, the clientele consisting of teachers, parents, children, and the elderly. The creation of self-styled greeting cards and other personalized gifts is an excellent way to pass weekends of ill weather. Such activities brings families closer and teaches children skills that will make them avid artists for life.

Owners and curators of small museums can also make use of these tools in order to jazz up their displays. When an exhibit gets set up, they could create the write up of the artifact in such a way that the presentation is beautiful as well as functional. A cutting an embossing machine helps them to create a much more professional display in a much shorter span of time.

Older people often have massive libraries of photographs which require the creation of a scrapbook. Individuals with arthritis or cerebral palsy are likely to never complete such a project because of the pain it can cause them to trace, draw, or cut. If they fail to do this scrapbook, there could be many photos with no explanation beside it, and gaps would be left in the narrative of the entire family.

In their day, scrapbooks were created by tracing, stenciling, or calligraphy, and each panel had to be manually cut with scissors and mounted with glue. The laborious task could take years, and very sick individuals may not have years. Now they can place their tools together between the metal die and the glass pane, then crank them all through and it comes out perfectly centered and cut.

A fun idea is to bring the grandchildren to see their elders in order to assist them with the process. This can give the grandparents the opportunity to tell stories about each photograph as the whole family works together to create something that tells the story of their family tree. Allowing the young ones to do the cranking keeps them busy and helps to spare arthritic hands.

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