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How Fathers Of Confederation Saved Canada

By Jason Burns

Every country has people they can thank for the peace and freedom they are enjoying today. These are the people who gave their all to mask sure countries worked together. British American colonies can credit their agreement to work together under one nation to fathers of confederation. They are the people who sat down to have meaningful talks about the stability of these colonies.

It is because of people like Leonard Tilley that Canada never got swallowed to become a state in America. Tilley who was a pharmacists had to sell his store in order to pursue a political career. Almost each person who worked tirelessly to make Canada independent had another career before. These men worked hard to make sure Canada was not scooped to be a part of America.

These men are the reason Canada exists due to the effort they put into it. America had previously fought the British into attaining their independence by the now called Canada was still under their rule. During the American civil war British supported the southern territories instead of siding with Canada who by them did not have military power and America took advantage of the situation.

In that moment while America was still trying to take over the northern part and Britain did not want to pay money to defend these countries they argued them to be independent. The British government still wanted to feel superior and not be defeated by the United States once more. Due to that fear these founding people settled for an alliance instead of war as America tried to take over.

Jean Charles Chapais was one of the members was a farmer and businessman who might have set his eyes on the economic benefits the country would get by being part of the alliance. Before the alliance trading was difficult and there were a lot of problems these countries were facing economically. With the alliance they realized they could trade comfortably.

Before the alliance were formed Canada was a big province made up of leaders speaking different languages. There were those that spoke in English and others in French. The founding men of the alliance realized that joining forces would help them solve the political issues. Once the alliances were formed the problem was solved and making decisions became easier.

These brave men will be celebrated for longer generations however not each of their story ended yup successfully. Darcy McGee who was an Irish born journalist who later moved to Montreal to become part of the revolution. However after about ten years of being part of the revolution he was shot and killed in what is believed to have been a premeditated plan.

These are heroes whose good work will never be forgotten. The entire event is still cherished by Canadians to this very day. They saw things differently and worked towards creating an amazing nation that it is today. The first Canadian Prime Minister John Macdonald was also part of the team involved in planning which was part of amazing change.

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