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Important Information On Testosterone Pellets Dallas

By Steven Lee

According to some studies it has been found that men begin losing testosterone from the age of 30 at a rate of 3%-10%. However, andropause for male has been identified as being equivalent to menopause. Nevertheless, men can benefit from testosterone pellets Dallas that are bio-identical and totally natural. Testopel or the testosterone pellets are steroids used in replacement therapy.

The signs that show a person is deficient of this hormone in men include lacking the mental acuity, libido loss, fatigue, and difficult sustaining or getting an erection. This hormonal treatment can be expensive in men since a person might require daily consumption. Nevertheless, the pellet replacement therapy provide a therapy that gives sustained and consistent levels of testosterone throughout.

Nevertheless, there are various side effects that arise following this pellet replacement therapy in Dallas TX. Some of the side effects include an erection that remains for too long or more than the normal. Other side effects include change in skin color, vomiting, ankle swelling, nausea, male pattern baldness, and body hair change. Other side effects are such as headache, anxiety, decreased or increased libido, depression, and pain around the site of implantation. Sometimes, a person may experience some allergic reactions.

In women, testosterone pellet therapy has been used to treat hormone imbalance. When used it has been found to be superior in treating several conditions. Such conditions are such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis, improvement of sex drive, insomnia, and hot flashes. This treatment also improve irritability, palpitations, headaches, depression, lethargy, pains, and virginal dryness. Again, this therapy supports maintenance and improvement of bone density, and does not increase chances of breast cancer.

Generally, this hormone also goes down in women just like in men although many women are often puzzled by the idea of testosterone therapy. When the hormone gets low, it affects other areas of life in women. In women, testosterone is important in helping them to handle their emotions. At the same time, a low level affect sex drive and weight. Again, due to low levels, a woman finds it difficult to maintain or gain lean body mass.

The insertion of the testopel is normally a simple procedure that is also less painful although it done under a local anesthetic. This insertion is often done in the lower abdomen or the hip. Normally, the health care professional makes a small cut where a pellet is inserted and then closed using a tape.

Once the testopel has been placed, a patient experiences more energy, a happier feeling, and better sleep. Also, a person experiences increase in bone density and muscle mass, while there is decrease in fatty tissues. There is also increased co-ordination, strength, and physical performance. Concentration, memory, and sexual health also improves.

Basically, the effects of this therapy are felt within 24 and 48 hours although some people felt the affect within 1-2 weeks. In women, they last for about 3-5 months but 5-6 months in men. However, the rate at which the testopel are changed depends on your physical activities, stress level and some medications.

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