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Get What You Need At One Of The Waco Flea Markets

By Janet Anderson

One of the exciting things you can do on a weekend is to go and find an event that usually happens every weekend. This event takes place in a field or large parking lot. It has just about anything and everything you might want. At the same time, there may not actually be anything you really need. It is all part of the fun in it. That special place, that special event is one of the Waco flea markets.

There is any number of these happening on just about all weekends. You will be able to find one with some help from friends or family. You can also find them listed on community boards in many grocery stores. Your church may also list some of them in their bulletins. You may also meet people, there, who set up regularly, at least on the day church is not in session.

A flea market is simply a place where many people can rent a space, usually a certain size large enough for a table to be set up and a chair for some comfort. Individuals and businesses will set up here and offer things they wish to sell. The list of things available will include just about everything. Looking at some of them will help you understand the importance of this event.

Some of the items that people are offering are things from their garage. You will find tools that work with just a small amount of rust. Old vehicle owners manuals and things people would ordinarily put out at yard sales. Completing your incomplete socket set may be easy to do depending on who is set up on that day.

Small businesses will be offering some of the same things they have on their store shelves. These companies may bring in self standing shelving units to make it look more like a store. These companies will almost always offer these items at a discount from their normal selling price. Many people, especially as the day goes on, will haggle over the prices and attempt to barter for some items. This simply adds to the fun and unexpected bargains they can discover this way.

There will also be any number of food vendors set up. This means you can get a hamburger with all the trimmings or a hot dog with the same, although different. You will also be able to get a drink, such as soft drinks, juice and a coffee to get you started when you show up early. You can even get a beer if they are licensed properly for it.

The rent is charged as the people come in to set up. The rent is usually fairly small and will offset the costs of renting the land or parking lot. Some flea market owners will charge an entry fee, although that is not as universal. The idea is to come, enjoy yourself, meet up with friends and find things that you can not find elsewhere.

Remember, when you arrive, that you can find a lot of stuff that you just have to have. There will probably not be anything that you really need. But, that is all part of the fun. Find friends or meet new ones. Look at the stuff that will make a good gift and enjoy a bit to eat with friends, old and new.

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