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Essential Guides For Birthday Ecards Messages

By Gary Morgan

Birthday cards are another way of greeting others on their birthdays that a personal message can be written for the celebrant. Doing this is common for those that cannot personally send their gifts or have failed to purchase one. Other cards already have message written on them and the only thing left to do is choose one similar to what you have in mind and heart.

With the popularity of the internet and the convenience it gave to the people, another way of sending your heartfelt messages has been made. These are birthday ecards which you could either make yourself or choose one from thousands of selections available online. Here are some basic tips in writing a message for any celebrant.

Carefully choose your cards for any person so adding a longer personal message will not be needed for you to do. Letting the design and print do their job in greeting them is fine and you need only add a short personal one. This is useful during times of wanting to keep them short and sweet when everything you are thinking of saying is already on the card.

Milestone birthdays are those ages where people traditionally considered them to be as one like the eighteenth, twenty first, fiftieth, and others. The celebrant may not feel that this particular birthday is different from others so it would be your job to make them feel that. Cards are available where the age number is prominently featured in their design.

Sometimes, people get too busy with responsibilities such as work and you only remembered their birthdays days after the actual day. Insert your sincere apology for giving it late or use it as an opportunity in writing something humorous instead. This might even make you stand out more in a positive way if properly done.

If sending to kids then keep your wishes fun, short and sweet because they are not excited to read long messages even though they already know how to read. Some adults dislike being reminded about their new age though the kids love this when you show your knowledge of how old exactly they are. When the number has not been printed then write that in your message somewhere.

If a family member is the one you are giving it to then chances are high that you have given numerous times to them already. Changing the personal message or alternating between shorter and longer ones each time is great. When the family relationship has not been printed then mention your relationship or use the title you have been using in addressing them.

Tough times may have happened during or before their birthdays such as illness, bereavement, job loss or other difficult circumstances. Sending a card is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them and celebrating their special day despite the difficulties. You may even brighten up their day by putting humor to your letter.

When sending to a fellow worker you are close with then do as you would do with your other friends. But if strictly work relationship only then remain formal with the messages. Do not include work related things on it.

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