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Tips On Shopping For Joan Elliott Watercolor Paintings

By Paul Parker

For those who adore painting and art, watercolor paintings have a lot to offer. For a collector they are often reasonably priced and can make a great investment. Joan elliott watercolor paintings have much to offer the collector and this guide helps you to learn more.

Many people are not sure where to begin when it comes to collecting art but thankfully there are many tools to help you along the way. In fact many artists including joan elliott have very easy to access websites. These provide a comprehensive portfolio of work from the past and present.

Another very helpful pointer is to visit an artist's website where possible. For instance joan elliott has a website which is intended to provide a full explanation of the artist's work as well as insights on the development of her artistic approach. There are lots of reasons why viewing an artist's output past and present can be helpful.

To start, seeing a portfolio of past work allows you to understand better how it has developed over time. You can get a sense of what directions the artwork might take in the picture as well as an understanding of process. Of course the most interesting artists are full of surprises and this is a chance to get to know more about their possibilities in terms of genre, style and medium.

A painter who creates multi dimensional work which is not simply a straightforward depiction of a still life is all the more interesting for the viewer. Some examples of other artists who use this approach include the surrealists. For more information about their work you can find may examples of guide books at libraries and book stores.

In fact, the artist's paintings sometimes use fictional and representational elements together to give a sense of alternate reality. The painting is not just a straightforward depiction of a still life but may use elements of memory. This creates compositions that are very evocative with a strong sense of mood.

Another hallmark of the artist's work is vivid and luminous color. An artist who has strong experience in using watercolor is able to create sparkling and luminous effects. The result is a painting that is beautiful to look at with much texture and interest.

For further tips on collecting art thankfully there are many resources around which do not cost a lot. For example a visit to your local library or book store is a chance to get to know more about the possibilities available to you when it comes to collecting. There you can find many guides about art and collecting which may include information on everything from costs to genres and medium as well as tips for shopping in galleries or directly with artists. Also look out for the best known art magazines which often provide useful articles for collectors such as reviews of galleries, profiles of artists and discussions of art tours across the country. Some of these publications even sponsor events and openings for readers to take part in.

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