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Spellbinders, Tips And Strategies To Win

By Gregory Thomas

Kiloo has done it again with the release of the latest mobile game targeting iOS and Android users. Spellbinders gives you control over the titans as well as the battle field. You begin by selecting titans after which you command the fearless army of minions and eventually dust off with your pet spell book. Here are useful hints that will help you enjoy the game and increase your chances of winning.

Learn the different units provided in the game. Each unit is unique as it presents different characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The role of each unit is determined by the attack type and the health points you will have collected. These characteristics help you to organize the units for battle. Using the RPG approach will make you an easy winner.

If you control the cannons you will be in control of the battle. It is impossible to pinpoint a way of winning battles when faced with human foes. However, the best approach to maintain safety and thus beat your opponents is to control cannons. The strategy works out because cannons maintain fire towards enemy the base of your opponents. This will only happen if you control them. Make 10 score damages against your opponent and you are on your way to victory.

Be fast and furious when facing your opponents. You may have a laid back playing style or be facing a timid opponent. This strategy does not work for all cases. However, if you have gathered aggressive minions and robust titans, you will easily overrun the opponent. A large and expensive unit will always inflict more damage on your opponents.

Maintaining focus on a single lane improves your chances of overpowering your opponent and taking the battle to his base. It is not all the time that you draw a strategy and think of your actions before hand. With enough units, you will gain control of a single lane, conquer it and move to the next.

When casting spells, moderation should be exercised. The title of the game is sometimes deceptive. It is not always that you cast spells. Recklessness reduces your chances. A balance needs to be truck between covering lanes and recovering lost units. Whenever you spam, your chances of defeat increase.

Remember to recharge your arsenal. Charging Mana and power should happen before the battle. They will swing the battle in your favor in most cases. It will only cost you ten gold pieces. It will be suicidal to go to war without charged arsenals. Even as the game progresses, you are reminded to constantly charge the weapons. This keeps you prepared for demanding battles.

This game has provided special units that improve your chances of winning. Learn to use them and be strategic when deploying them. The units cost 30 pieces each and you can use them throughout your game. They include Colossus which has tank firing power, Mana Sting which provides the support you need and Legion that allows your units to be deployed through the three lanes. These special units make it easier for you to win.

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