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Searching For An Elvis Tribute Artist For An Event

By Diane Foster

If you are hosting a special event and you want to put on some entertainment there are various options available to you. Many people will want to hire a DJ or a live band and a lot of people now choose to book a tribute act. When you are looking for an Elvis Tribute Artist for your event it is useful to spend a little time doing some research on the artists that are available.

Many kinds of tribute act are available and it is extremely important that you select a suitable one for your event. A large number of performers will sound very close to Elvis's sound and they will have spent years polishing their skills. Other artists will also look like the king but it should be noted that a look alike will cost more to hire.

Before you search for a performer you will need to decide what type of show you require. Most artists are able to customize their shows to your requirements ranging from a few numbers to a full length show for larger events. The costs involved will vary and depend on how many songs are performed and the type of show and equipment needed.

Another thing to consider with an Elvis tribute show is the era of music that you want at your event. Presley went through many style changes during his 20 year career and his style of music and dress changed dramatically. You are able to find a performer that impersonates all of the eras from the 50's rock and roll music to the ballads and jump suits of the 70's.

The price of an act will normally start at approximately 500 dollars for a singer to perform a couple of numbers to backing tracks. If you book a full length stage show with live musicians and backing vocalists then you can expect to pay more. The performers that put on shows with a full live band will also provide all amps, speakers and lighting along with their crew.

There are a few ways to find a suitable performer and a good place to start is to contact a reputable show business agent. A professional entertainment agent can offer you a selection of artists and they are able to provide the equipment needed for the show. It is also worth using the services of an agent as all permits and legalities will be taken care of.

You can also find a performer by browsing the internet and there are many that advertise their service online. The web sites are informative and will feature video clips of previous shows, photographs and a description of the performer. After deciding on your performer it is advisable to contact them by telephone to discuss your specific requirements.

One very important thing to consider with tribute singers is availability. A lot performers will travel around to perform and be in high demand at certain times and they should be booked well in advance of your planned event. When you are deciding on where to put on the show it is essential to speak with the management of the venue to check what equipment and licenses are needed.

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