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Look Online For Great Tea Recipes

By Ann Edwards

An online search is a great way to find out almost anything. When you're looking for tea recipes, this resource can open up the whole world of regional specialties. From the sweet tea that is a southern legend to frozen desserts or fish sauce, you will find both the familiar and the exotic.

Sweet tea, the classic drink of the deep south, has become a staple in both elegant and fast food restaurants. One technique for making this favorite advocates adding sugar to concentrated, hot tea and allowing the brew to steep. Later you dilute it to taste with cool water and then serve over ice. Some people make a sugar syrup and stir that into already-brewed tea. The taste is quite different from what you get by simply adding a spoonful of sugar right before you drink it.

Variations on the traditional theme include adding orange and/or lemon juice to black teas for extra summer refreshment. Mint sprigs are a good addition, too. Herbal or spiced teas are delicious served cold. For a really different experience, try a warm, infused smoothie made with your favorite fruit.

Chai comes from India, which is now the world's largest producer of traditional tea. Specifically known as masala (spice) chai (tea), this brew is flavored with cardamon and ginger, with clove and cinnamon other popular flavors. Each region of the vast continent has its own variation, and you can create your signature beverage by experimenting with different tastes and aromas.

Kombucha is a cultured tea, made from black or green teas and sugar, with a 'mushroom' (culture) added. You let it ferment for a week or two, remove the culture, and refrigerate the brew. If the 'mushroom' is happy in your home, you'll get a marvelous, probiotic-rich, sparkling beverage that's great alone or with food. There are many ways to flavor this 'divine' brew, if you want.

Teas are used to flavor muffins, scones, and doughnuts. You can use them in main dishes or in frozen desserts. One good trick is to use an herbal variety, like apple cinnamon, instead of water when making oatmeal. You'll find tips for making jelly or for exotic things like infused eggs, a popular item in Chinese cities where they are sold by street vendors.

Black and green tea is from the camillia plant, which originated in China. Today this plant is grown all over the world, even in England and the United States. Herbal 'teas' have been used for centuries as pleasant and healing drinks and now make up a large part of the billion dollar health food industry.

Sun tea is fun to make. All you need is a large jar of water, four or five bags of your favorite tea, and a sunny day. By nighttime the power of the sun will have done the brewing.

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