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Audition Tips For Talent Competitions In Pennsylvania - 6 Key Pointers

By Donald West

Auditions are the most important part of a talent competition. If you don't get past the audition stage you have no chance of winning the competition. Here are six key tips that will prepare you or your young one for talent competitions in Pennsylvania and help get past the auditions.

To begin with, be in physical shape. If you are a singer, for example, you should make sure that your voice is in good shape. Start practicing regularly weeks in advance if you are not already practicing regularly. Sing every day. Sing watching MTV and other music channels. Sing when on YouTube. On top of this, practice formally. It's always a good idea to have a vocal coach. They will also help you prepare.

Choose a song or gift that suits you. This is extremely important. You could be the most talented person alive, but if you pick the wrong song you won't even make it past the auditions. In order to do this, you need to understand yourself as a performer. Listen to what other people say about your vocal/performing style. Then pick something that the judges will like. Avoid the cliche talent competition songs. You know what they are. They indicate laziness on your part and by this stage the judges are bored and may eliminate you for not being original enough.

Pick a song that you know well, and that you can hit all the notes relatively easily. This is particularly the case at auditions. An interesting song sung well should be enough to get you through the audition phase. Save the hard stuff for later on in the competition.

Have a good positive attitude. This goes a long way. A bad attitude is the enemy of many talented people. Look, it will ruin your career. The judges will have their radar tuned into your attitude. If you act snotty or think that you are above the other contestants it will not go down well. However, don't talk too much. Answer the questions that judges may have. Don't give them your life story. Remember, that for the judges auditions take a long time. The more to the point your audition is the better.

Dance and music instructors often provide gift show preparation classes to improve a child's gift show performance. As an added benefit, they can provide non-biased, confidence building criticism and offer solutions to correct any weaknesses in your child's performance. This in-turn makes your child more successful and happier with his or her achievements.

Know how nerves affect your voice. What is your main tendency? Do you sing flat? Do you sing sharp? Do you have trouble with a particular vocal range when those nerves jingle? Nerves often highlight a "problem" area with your current vocal ability. Make sure you choose a range and key of song that hides this "problem." (Hey, you are not a professional singer just yet so it's okay to have a problem range. Just don't let the judges hear it.)

All in all, preparation is very important. Plan adequately and you have a great chance of getting past the audition phase for any talent show. Getting past auditions is a great achievement for any performer.

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