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A Guide To Hiring A Talented Elvis Impersonator Bay Area

By Ruth Jackson

If you know the questions to ask and things to consider, hiring a tribute act can be easy. However, if you have never dealt with this breed of performers before, making the right choice can be hard. Below is a guide to hiring a talented Elvis impersonator Bay Area offers.

Getting the right Elvis Tribute Act for your function demands thorough research. You should start by seeking to identify people who have hired such artists before. They could be your friends, workmates or event organizers working around. When asking for a referral, be sure that the person suggested has a solid reputation for great performances. Additionally, you can get other names to consider through an online search.

Consider how an impersonator looks like. As much as this is not a very important factor to look into, the person you select should attempt to look like Elvis. At this point, you should also consider how an artist you are evaluating dresses. It is critical that they attempt to dress like the authentic performer if they are to impress your guests. Look for people in jumpsuits and flared trousers.

The person you choose should sound right. This is perhaps the most critical factor to take into account before making a booking. The last thing you want is to end up with an artist who does not sound any close to the real deal. It is therefore critical that you spend a lot of time going through sample videos and audios before making up your mind.

The experience an artist has also matters. You need to ask whoever you are evaluating about the length of time they have been working as an Elvis Tribute Act. Ideally, you should settle for someone who has performed for many years. Additionally, they should be familiar with performing at events such as the one you are organizing. Giving a new impersonator who impresses you a chance is also not a good idea.

Talk about the charges. Elvis impressionists charge differently depending upon various factors. Some of the things that may influence how an artist charges include the season, distance to venue and their experience. It is therefore important to obtain quotations from different people so as to find out the one that you can afford. Still, you can try to talk down the charges with the person you are considering.

Read reviews. Most Elvis Tribute Acts usually post testimonials from their previous clients on their websites. You should therefore go through such reviews to get a feel of what you can expect should you hire the performer. In addition, a good artist should gladly introduce you to some event organizers they have worked with previously. All these will help you settle for someone with a great reputation.

Find out about where the Elvis Tribute Act you want to hire is based at. Ideally, you should pick on someone who is not located too far away from the location of your venue. This will help you minimize your expenses. It is also critical to settle for someone with a great personality. Still, they need to be professional, flexible and time conscious.

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