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The Benefits Of Geometric Artwork

By Robert Walker

Although geometric patterns are examples of Islamic decorations, they play an important part in the religion. It is important comprehend that in such kind of decorations figurative images are not used. The use of patterns commenced hundreds of years ago. Patterns involve the combination of repeated circles and squares. Geometric artwork is mainly associated with Islamic architecture and also the art. They are made in places like kilim carpets, woodwork, ceramics, metalwork and stainless glass.

Figurative images are highly prohibited to ensure people do not recognize them as worshiping item. Some of geometric patterns applied originated from areas such as Greek, Roman and Sasanian. The types of Islamic decorations that are commonly used include geometric pattern, arabesque and calligraphy. Although they help in decorating structures on which they are drawn, this is not their main purpose. The major one is passing teachings to the people. Examples of common patterns are 8-pointed star and the polygons (octagons and pentagons). Drawing is normally accomplished with the use of special tools such rulers and compasses.

The inner and outer parts of bowls and also the plates concerned with Islamic religion are well decorated. Radial shapes are mainly done during this important process. Most of drawing in such structures indicate stylized leaves and flower petals. Circular bands move around the jug and also the bowl. Apart from the religion, there are a number of designers who use shapes, patterns and styles to come up with vector art and also logo designs.

According to Islamic religion, Islamic art is sacred. It is usually made purposely for religious and spiritual devotion and expression. The art is not intended to express or tell personal story or message of an artist. It expresses the teachings of Islam through calligraphy and also miniature painting. Most importantly, it helps greatly in one way or another in the worship.

There are so many patterns that artists make. Although they are many and different, they tend to have some similarity. All of them have the same idea regarding structure, harmony and symmetry. Artists are required to follow certain rules while making the patterns otherwise they cannot be recognized as a kind of Islamic art.

It is important to understand that geometry plays an important role within the art. It acts as either the guideline or the foundation. For the case of calligraphy letters are made following geometric measurements that are strict. The reality is that the art has the inner and also the outer meaning within it. Every number of shapes used during the drawing is well thought of and has a particular meaning.

As a member of the Muslim religion, consider applying appropriate effort so as to learn and understand both the inner and outer message conveyed by the art. Artists normally use natural materials when making these kinds of patterns. Most get into their dreams with the help of natural pigments. They dislike using readymade paints because of high percentage of unnatural chemicals present in them.

New York houses a good number of artists. Religion requires them to inspire and also educate individuals near them. They should use their excellent artistic skills to make other people know and appreciate the importance of Islamic traditions such as respecting and also loving Islamic art. They are expected to use the expertise to exude the beauty of Islamic religion.

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