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How To Care For A Brain Cancer Survivor

By Kevin Turner

It is important that sick people that are recovering be taken care of. Just like any other patient, a brain cancer survivor needs attention and care. This illness is one that rarely spares lives. Its treatment is expensive and too demanding. These patients are sensitive and need proper medication for them to regain their health and live longer. The people living around them can help in their recovery process in several ways.

The recuperating process has to be monitored. The invalid, the concerned doctor and close relatives have this responsibility. Always note any change in the health condition of the person and report it as soon as possible. Even with proper medication, the growth may not be totally cured. Small cells might remain in the body which may grow with time and cause the problem to reappear.

Due to the processes that the patient go through during treatment, they develop side effects. This may affect the way they reason or the way they perform tasks. We are required to love and accept them. Long term effects will show up after some time. We should help them accept their situation and try getting things back to normal.

The only way a nurse will know the health history of someone is by going through previous reports. A person must have these at all times. It does not matter whether they are fully healed or not. Any time they visit hospitals, they must carry these along. We as the immediate assistants must make sure that the records are kept in the right places and that they are accessible any time they are needed.

Convalescents need to receive guiding and counselling from a social worker. This helps them accept themselves and whatever they might be going through. Sometimes the situation may be traumatizing and they may get depressed. Talking to such people reassures them and gives them hope in life. It therefore advisable that they get assigned to one.

There are future consultations that need to be attended. Specific dates are set aside so that their health is checked and any indication of poor health dealt with as soon as possible. Such meetings are mandatory and they should not be missed for anything. That is why we have to ensure that our loved ones do not forget to honor the appointments.

Day to day activities at home need time, energy and commitment. They are tiring. Having appropriate people to handle these tasks instead of having the victims do them themselves is a good thing. It makes them relax more by having less to think about and getting enough resting time.

The high costs involved in diagnosis and treatment of the patients normally bothers them especially if they do not have money. In the event that there are any debts that were not paid during the treatment process need to be settled. This relives stress hence no pressure to the brain which is recommended. Ask people to contribute money towards this purpose and pay all outstanding charges.

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