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Guidelines For Buying Stuff In Sunday Farmers Market Edmonton

By Stephen Powell

If you are looking to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, consider buying them from a farmers market. Such places have plenty of things to choose from. If you have never been to Sunday farmers market Edmonton, you may feel overwhelmed the first time you go. But even if you have been to the place before, you may want to get tips on how you can get the best buys. Here is some advice you can use.

Plan how much money you are going to take with you. The best way to do this is to write down everything you are planning to buy. Write it down, so that you do not forget. This can be quite inconveniencing, since it might interfere with your meal plans during the week. Some sellers will take a check or a card, but most of them prefer if you have cash.

Decide when the best time to shop is and allocate yourself enough time to go out. Depending on what you plan on buying, it can take you a few hours to make a purchase. If you want to get the best of everything, shopping early before midday is advisable. But if you want to get a discount, consider going in the evening, since most sellers are more likely to reduce prices for you, so that they don't carry their produce back home.

Do not just start buying things immediately you get to the place. You have to be strategic. Take a look around the place first. Walk through the market and see what's on offer and who has the best things. After that is when you can start your shopping spree. This will ensure that you buy the best things at the best price possible.

Keep an open mind when you are out shopping. Don' just stick to buying what you are used to. Be adventurous and try out new foods that you have never eaten before. This will introduce you to new textures and flavors that might just turn out to be your new favorites.

Try and buy what you can find in the place, instead of looking for exotic produce. Things that are in season tend to cost a lot less, since there is plenty of it available at that particular time. Also, fresh produce tastes a lot better, since it hasn't been stored for a long time to the extent that it has lost its favor.

Consider buying large quantities of things. This will save you from having to stock up frequently. But before you buy, always make sure that you know the best way to keep the produce, so that it doesn't go bad and become wasted. Some of the ways you can preserve the stuff is by freezing and canning.

Do not be shy about having conversations with the sellers. Most of them like to be engaged by their customers. Ask them for tips on how to cook and preserve the produce. Some can even give you fresh recipes that you can try out. You will also learn how they grow their crop and harvest it. This will let you know whether they are using safe farming practices or not.

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