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Factors To Consider Before Obtaining Inflatable Rentals San Antonio TX

By Stephen Davis

Planning a party for children is a difficult task because you will have to make a choice between a lot of things. Going for an inflatable rental is the right choice of celebrating any special childrens event. Items such as water slides and bounce houses will make the kids party very successful. However, before opting for an inflatable rentals San Antonio TX residents must consider a few factors.

Probably one of the most important factors to consider, bearing in mind that it is kids you are dealing with is safety. With children around, parents are always worried about their safety. Rent an inflatable suitable for the kids who will be having fun with it. During play, make sure their safety by observing all the safety standards in place. Be on the lookout for power lines. The inflatables are held to the ground by stakes. Knowing the location of water lines is important to avoid damage during this process.

You should also consider compliance. Find out about the quality of the inflatable. No one wants to rent sub standard equipment. The inflatable should meet the compliance standards for all inflatable materials. The safest inflatables are manufactured from commercial quality plastic.

Another factor is to check the type of inflatables the firm offers. Many companies rent bounce houses and water slides. However, some of the major firms lease combo units that include jumping and sliding surfaces. These types of inflatables are more expensive for smaller companies to purchase. If you hire a combo unit, your guests will enjoy twice the entertainment.

Another factor to look into is the size of the room you have to host the party. If you are planning to set the room in your backyard, ensure that the space is adequate. Popular bounce houses measure fifteen feet by fifteen feet. Therefore, you must have a backyard measuring twenty feet by twenty feet if you are hiring a bounce house.

You should also ensure that you have enough power supply. The bounce houses use blowers that are powered. The outdoor power outlet must be in good working condition. If you are hosting the event at a venue that has no power, request for the inflatables together with a generator. In addition, if you are planning to use the inflatables in a place that lacks power, renting a generator will be essential.

If you want to host the party at a local park, ensure that you are conversant with the rules and regulations before renting the inflatable. Ask whether the park accepts inflatables and whether additional insurance is needed. If the firm you are hiring the inflatable from has a legitimate insurance, then it is easy to insure an additional party. This insurance will protect the park in the event of disputes or accidents.

Customer service is another factor that you do not want to forget. A good inflatables rental firm should take the business seriously. This means returning customer calls as soon as possible, treating the customers well and in a polite manner from start to finish. When the customer care team is polite and kind to the clients, it shows the firm has integrity.

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