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Critical Information About Dallas Lesley Series

By Sarah Morgan

Respectable painters are very hard to come across owing to the fact that everyone is using computer applications to create art. This makes the conventional ways of manual art underrated and underused. For this reason, coming across good old-fashioned art brings out a sense of respect and appreciation. One of the much-respected artists in this industry is Dallas Lesley. He has created amazing art just with the sleek strokes of the brush and an excellent hand.

This artist earns his living and resides in Sydney, Australia. She is well known for her ability to do a chain of paintings one at a time. The winged series is among the many chains of paintings that she has done in a painting that she mostly focused on people and birds. Major attention is given to the birds, and humans complement this. They mainly appear to be in black and white. By doing it in this manner, the toughest features are emphasized. The photos are made in a way that they radiate confidence and love, a sense of imagination, a mischievous playfulness and a lot of intelligence.

Her other series is the Ocean Scape series that was mainly focused on capturing the sea, skies, and land that is rich with the atmospheric forces. The paintings showed the fleeting moment at the twilight where the sea and skies were fused. The images are known to bring a sense of peace and love.

You can also enjoy her exotica Paradise series. With this painting, you get to see exotic shapes together with flora, rain forest, luscious foliage and tropical zones. The picture also shows petals and leaves which try to offer the sense of scent and the component of life. It is from the pictures that you get to experience attractive colors, and this ensures the nature element is produced in the best way possible.

The portraits series has been a new addition over the last few years. She was doing paintwork that related the one that was done by the well known Tim Shaw and Christian Anu. She has also featured self-portraits in this collection. These collections were well done, and she expressed herself as someone who is confident.

The Travellers series is also one of her collections. It is also known as the Morning After or The Party is Over. In this series, she created very dramatic visions in space by using light and also shadows. These features create an impact on her art. She was traveling while painting this series. The countries she traveled through were Italy, France, and Spain. She has however also included a portion of Australia where she lives in the series.

The other series explores the marine life and reefs of her hometown, Australia and around the world. This series is called the Immersion Series. The artwork is raised wit texture, and they also capture the feeling of falling to underneath the surface in the illuminated light from the world beyond.

She has been a finalist for many award winning competitions, and many of her paintings have been used in exhibitions and galleries. She is such a passionate artist, and you can easily get to view some of the work she has done online.

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