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Benefits Of Birthday Ecards Than The Paper Cards

By Sandra Brooks

With the revolution of technology from ancient times people are now using birthday e-cards leaving behind paper cards. Every person has their reasons to consider certain preferences. Below are some of the reasons why people now prefer Birthday ecards and not e-cards.

With this method, convenience is guaranteed. Customizing and creation of e-cards are much easier and less stressful. It saves you from visiting the stores and spending a lot on buying the paper cards. With this option you can browse the internet for the cards that you need, type a message and then send it to the intended audience you need via email or other social media platforms. It is furthermore time-saving as you can send multiple cards to various people at once.

The speed of delivering these e-cards is very fast. You will not have worries like those of postal services. These cards are delivered immediately after literally clicking the button. There are also other website that will permit you to schedule a delivery date, to keep away from the last minute rush. This comes handy for the busy procrastinators.

We are living in times where the world is struggling to go green so as to reduce pollution on the environment. With the use of e-cards, you can contribute to reducing pollution caused by papers. Paper cards leave behind carbon footprints which are toxic to the atmosphere as it increases global warming. Also, most of the websites will help you design a card free of charge. They also do not charge a lot of money to send the card. The money you spend on an ecard is manageable by almost everyone provided you have an internet connection.

You can be able to know if the ecard was delivered or it failed. After sending it, you will receive a notification. The recipient can go ahead to view it from a mobile phone or desktop that has internet access. You, therefore, do not have to worry if the person will get your message or not.

The is a wide range of designs that you could choose from. You can even customize your card the way you want. Also, you can include images or animated videos to make it more exciting. This is ideal for people who have unlimited imagination and creativity.

You are tied to specific card types when you purchase them at the shop. This might be disadvantageous when you want to create a special moment card. With e-cards, you will enjoy more than 42,000 styles for you to pick from. You can pick cards basing on the relationship with the recipient who can be father and son, sister and brother or between two spouses.

It is much easy to personalize and customize e-cards than the cards purchased from the stores. You can thus design the card to be the way you love. You can furthermore attach pictures or videos that relate with the mood of the card to lighten up the mood of the recipient. This makes it easier for you to relate at a personal level with the recipient and get your message home.

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