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Abstract Oil Painting Artists In New York City

By Timothy Wright

Abstract paintings are an excellent way to liven up any environment. Since what the image represents is largely left up to the viewer, these works of art fit in many spaces, from businesses to private homes. This type of art is not commonly done in oils and abstract oil painting artists can be a bit harder to locate. However, in New York city there are several who will create pictures that are museum quality, for a reasonable price.

The process of creating with oils is more challenging than others. Oil paint and thinners have a strong odor that may bother some painters. It also takes a much longer time to dry than other types of paint. This is viewed as an advantage by some painters, but others may not want to wait quite as long for the painting to be complete. Watercolors and acrylic have a much shorter drying time and are more popular.

Some artists like the fact that oil paint takes longer to dry. This gives the artist ample time to blend colors and change the way the painting looks before it dries. This paint can take weeks to dry properly. The colors of this type of paint are often richer and deeper than acrylics and watercolors.

Oil painting is the classic style we see in many great artists of the past. This type of paint was created in the early 1400s. Famous painters such as Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci used this medium. It holds up well over time and does not fade quickly. Pictures from centuries past often still look fabulous because they were painted using this technique.

Abstract art has a varying history. All art history students have their opinions, but it is possible that the grandfather of this type of art was the impressionist style. Painters using this style use vibrant colors and light to create unique versions of reality. Critics say that their paintings look undefined or perhaps unfinished, but others say that this was the beauty of the style.

Romanticist and expressionist painters were also an influence on this style. The expressionist style is highlighted by bright colors and exaggerated figures. Romanticists were more realistic in their artistic renditions, but did paint freely based upon emotion. This was an amazing breakthrough, as it allowed artists to abandon reality and paint based on their imagination.

Loosely constructed art existed in some form throughout history. Cave art is abstract in nature. Although it is easy to see that a stick figure represents a man or an animal, the art is often not realistic in nature. However, it still represents a particular object, and most true abstract art does not. However, symbols, lines, and dots can also be a form of free-flowing art and are common in antiquity.

Type of abstract art vary, some are very realistic with a twist while others are simply color and shape. The viewer decides what their own interpretation is, independent of what the artist may have wanted to represent. Each viewer takes away something different from the piece. This is what makes this type of art work in many different public and private spaces. It may take time to discover the perfect piece but it is well worth it.

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